Why is Paper still around

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Why is paper still around

Why is paper still around everywhere haunting our offices and threatening our business everyday. Why do all the mighty IT systems seem powerless to free our offices from paper.

The answer lies, I believe , in the process of change.

Some of the very essential steps in creating the required change is beginning to gather knowledge and elevate awareness about what is wrong with what we do today.

We need to honestly admit that our love and holding to paper has not only damaged our environment, but has also caused serious retrograde to our businesses advancement.

Despite the breakthrough in IT and Communications we are still depending on Paper as a main conveyor for our businesses.

It is our obsession and inability to let go of Paper that is depriving us of the many opportunities that come with paper free intelligent content.

We need to elevate the level of consciousness to ignite a burning desire for change.  We need a revolution to liberate content from Paper.

Only then will we be able to have a clear vision of where wish to go. Hence we will be ready for the Digital Transformation we are striving to achieve and the creation of a new digital lifestyle to enjoy outside the Paper Prison.


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April 2nd, 2016 by