What is Paperfree Born Information

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Paperfree Born Information is a term used for information that is electronically created to live and be destroyed in a paper-free world. They are not paperless document electronically born but with the perception of the creator that they will printed later on, either for signature or presentation. Paper-free Born Information are not a simple replica of the paper document they are Paper-free in all aspects. They are carrier independent, are not bound to a “Document” format. They are designed to be reviewed and processed (approved) electronically without the need for Original , signatures or rubber stamps. The difference between Paperless Born Documents and Paperfree Born Information is the perception of the proponent. Creators and users of Paper-free information think differently and act differently, they are paper free. In my book “Paper Prison” I call it Prison of the Heart and Mind. The truth is, although Paperless Born Documents are born electronically and carry all the technological features for storage, search and retrieval. It is only when we print them that we strip them of these qualities and put them (and our selves) back to the Paper Prison.

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November 30th, 2014 by