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    4- Monetizing your website
    The reward for this long journey of learning is to make money.
    You can make money from online business by earthier
    A- Selling your own products (Physical or Information)
    B- Selling other peoples products (Physical or Information) Affiliation
    If you are a professional translator for example and you already have the skills and experience in that endeavor, you can start an online business to sell your OWN products (Translation Services). You can search for FREE WordPress themes that fit your niche, or buy a Translation Services Template. You will need this website to be your Authority Website.
    If don’t want to take the risk of selling your OWN products you can always sell other peoples products. You will still have to have your Authority Website where you will add value and FREE content to your website visitors to convert them to clients and then sell to them the products for which you are an affiliate.
    To learn more on how to become an affiliate go to this link
    One last tip
    You will need to go through ALL the steps of MY FOUR STEPS to OWN YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS whether you will sell your own products or affiliate with others to sell their products. Once you learn the Tips and Tricks of how to drive traffic to your site and nurture your visitors, keep them engaged and convert them to clients, you will be free to market your own business and also the other businesses for which you are affiliating with for an extra revenue stream.

    Good Luck