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    3- Attracting Traffic to your site
    Attracting and driving traffic to your site is the name of the game. If you have the best site and nobody knows about it, nobody will visit your site.
    There are many ways and different strategies to driving traffic to your site. Advertisement is one, social media is another and optimizing your site to be highly ranked on Google is a must. But the most important key for your success is attracting traffic through FREE quality Content that you disseminate through your blog, newsletters or published articles on different sites and linking back to your site. This is why you have to have a Passion for your niche ..Remember? to be able to search, read and write content about your niche.
    So setting up your page to work with Google and be optimized will be discussed in this video
    Another important element to understand is how KEYWORDS can mean a lot of traffic to your site and how it can help you find content to send to your potential clients.
    Watch that video for that

    Next we are going to talk about what you will wpend and earn and how to make money through your online business.