From Paper Prison to Digital Transformation Part 4

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NOTE: This is Part 4 of this 4 part blog post

Part 4: Digital Transformation as a lifestyle

What is required is a fresh look at business operational requirements and a revamp of information management practices.

On the Operational side we need to challenge current business practices focusing on consistency of business practices and how business processes are managed.

On the Information side we need to reassess what information we have and what information we need. Think out of the box for new information management practices. We also need to consider intelligent information when we design, create and manage information content.

Our look should be focused on free intelligent information content free from constrains of paper (document) size, handling and storage.

But the most required transformation required remains the change in our life style. If we continue to “Think” paper we will never achieve transformation. The way handle ourselves and they way we use technologies will determine how successful we are in making the transition from Paper Prison to the era of Digital Transformation.

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March 28th, 2016 by