From Paper Prison to Digital Transformation Part 3

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NOTE: This is Part 3 of this 4 part blog post

Part 3: Why technology is not enough

Technology should not be seen as the Be all and End all solution for information management. Alone, without thought and planning it is just not enough. The lack of senior management endorsement and enforcement also causes lack of leadership and the vision required for a paradigm shift and hence for realization of Transformation

There are many cases where the best technology software was used in organizations only to create more chaos and confusion and possibly business disruption.

There are stories of organizations that scan every paper document available only to create a large digital landfill. There are people who till today print emails and file them in paper format. In some airports around the world they still ask for a paper printout of the eticket at the airport entrance.

Popular news papers are still printed today in paper format despite the abundance of technological solutions for the creation, dissemination and delivery of digital information.

All the examples mentioned and many others prove that technology alone will not end the suffering of organizations and service providers.

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March 28th, 2016 by