From Paper Prison to Digital Transformation Part 2

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NOTE: This is Part 2 of this 4 part blog post

Part 2: The Essence of Paper Prison

Over the years we have extravagantly used paper for our business and daily lives. Over time we have confused the role of paper as a simple carrier for our content with it being the reason d’etre  of our business. The REAL predicament was when we tightly coupled our business processes and work flow with the flow of paper.

With business processes and workflow under siege by paper, we continued to introduce more complications such as the requirement for the Original paper to be included in the workflow as a process.

We also insisted that papers be signed and sealed before the work could flow. This necessitated the need for copies and printers and more paper and more confusion towards the state of chaos.

Today with all the technologies that we have invented and owned we are unable to liberate ourselves of Paper. We probably do not want.

Over the years we have gotten so much intimate with Paper; we love paper and feel proud when our report is 50 pages of paper irrespective of its content. Some of our families live of paper for a living, in the case of someone who is a Document controller or Manager Archives or the like.

Paper has crept into our hearts and minds and today it will be difficult to heal our offices from the Paper addiction or what I call the Paper Prison.

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March 28th, 2016 by