From Paper Prison to Digital Transformation Part 1

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NOTE: This is Part 1 of this 4 part blog post

Part 1: The meaning of Transformation

I have searched the Webster dictionary and other business dictionaries to find the linguistic  meaning of Transformation.  The Merriam-Webster definition of Transformation is The act or process of changing completely:  a complete change.

The operation of changing (as by rotation or mapping) one configuration or expression into another in accordance with a mathematical rule; especially:  a change of variables or coordinates in which a function of new variables or coordinates is substituted for each original variable or coordinate.

Notice two things here in this definition; one is the use of the words changing completely :  complete change in the first definition. In the second definition notice the use of the phrase new variables or coordinates is substituted for each original variable or coordinate.

The call for Complete Change or the Substitution of certain Variables is very clear and strong in the meaning of Transformation. It is Not dealing with the same Variables in a Different way.

In the Business Dictionary the definition of Transformation is the Changes made in a business or other organization which improve the company’s employee and management participation in the development of the business. A transformation process can give a failing business new life and can improve smooth operation of any company.

What is stunning about this meaning is that transformation gives a NEW LIFE to a business, not a band aid to it paper handling illness. It enables the business to go through a Paradigm Shift.

A Paradigm Shift according to Stephan Covey is what we might call the “Aha!” experience when someone finally “sees” the composite picture in another way.

Here again it is the “Aha!” experience that makes Transformation awesome and different from what we have been doing over the years trying to pave the road for the cow.

We need to realize and admit that we have locked ourselves and our businesses in a prison of paper before we can seek a way out. The better we understand where we are today the best we can understand the need for a way out.

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