From Paper Prison to Digital Transformation Introduction

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NOTE: This is the Introduction part of this 4 part blog post


The word Transformation to me was like a dream come true. For years I have been looking for a single word that would give all the meanings for the liberation from the Paper Prison.  Transformation does have the essential essence required for a new life away from the Paper Prison.

The problem with the Paper Prison is that it has, over the years, affected (and infected) our Minds and has intimidated our Hearts.

Technology (alone) has over the years contributed to, but has never presented THE solution of our paper Chaos.

This is why Transformation holds all the meanings required to take Technology one step further to the required Digital Transformation and puts forth a script for a Digital Lifestyle.


Table of Contents:


Part 1: The meaning of Transformation

Part 2: The Essence of Paper Prison

Part 3: Why technology is not enough

Part 4: Digital Transformation as a lifestyle

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March 28th, 2016 by