Paper Prison not Paper Wars

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While AIIM calls it Paper Wars in its latest publication: “Paper Wars 2014: an update from the battlefield” it is a Paper Prison.

The findings of the report prove that information technology solutions did not reduce paper in corporate offices since most users still print documents for review, meetings and for signature.

If corporations invest in ECM systems to replace paper-based business processes with electronic document-based processes, then we are paving the road for the cow. Business processes serve the purpose of “Content” not (Documents) flow for review, sharing and / or approval.

In the Paper Prison paradigm the liberation of Content from its Carrier is advocated. The concept of “Document” does not exist. Content is searched, retrieved and presented depending on its relevancy to search criteria and not on its existence with the boundaries of a certain “Document”.

The first step to achieve corporate objectives for becoming paper-free is to liberate them from the paper dogma; Original, Signature and Copies.

ECM professionals and advocates of paper-free business can learn how to make the paradigm shift only if they admit that they are in a #Paper_Prison

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November 19th, 2014 by